Story of the week: 4 HR Technology Trends that Affect Your Business

Technology has changed the world as we know it, and as other industries and departments have evolved accordingly, so too has human resources. A strong HR department is essential to every business, and the advent of new tech often promises vast improvements to the field. But when it comes to such a human-centric industry, new technology isn’t always better. Here are four HR technology trends that, for better and for worse, are changing human resources practices.

Employee Portals

There is consensus that employee portals are an excellent digital HR tool that can greatly improve the employee experience and increase engagement. They provide a go-to place for nearly anything an employee may need, and they’re where they can access forms, apply for PTO, download handbooks, find pay stubs, review tax forms, check their healthcare plan, make a complaint, ask a question, view a company calendar of events, and much more. Additionally, with continuous performance management becoming a big HR trend, employees could also see the results of their performance reviews here.

In 2018, neglecting employee portals has a number of negative consequences. Not only can it create confusion and possibly paranoia when employees can’t access the information they need quickly, but it puts a larger burden on human resources employees. HR reps spend all their time fielding requests that become like busywork instead of focusing on executing a well-planned HR strategy. Such a scenario can become unproductive and illustrates the importance of implementing a user-friendly employee portal.


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