Story of the week: 3 essential hiring strategies

Jobs and the skills of the future are changing rapidly. In fact, 79% of jobs in Hong Kong will be transformed in the next three years according to a recent Microsoft report. This means the war for future-ready talent with the right mix of education and adaptability is shrinking and the competition fiercer than ever.

In today’s market candidates have the luxury to be extremely selective when it comes to jobs comparing company cultures, benefits and career development. And once star talent is locked down it makes all hiring managers’ jobs so much more difficult both to keep their talent but also to hire from a shallow pool.

Senior executive at staffing firm Robert Half Paul McDonald gives three strategies for employers to win the talent war

1. Money Talks

While company policy, culture, social awareness and work-life balance are increasingly playing majors role in whether or not people accept a job offer. Salary is still the biggest drawcard you have at your disposal. If you have a superstar in your midst don’t lose them to your competitors when its only dollars setting you apart. Check out; Market rates: 2018 salaries by industry and build flexibility into your hiring budget when it comes to attracting ace talent.

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