Smart recruitment systems could help evaluate a hire

Using real-time information, companies can improve hiring and human capital management with the right software at their disposal. Larry Myler recently contributed a piece to Forbes in which he discussed the dangers of recruiting a person who isn’t the best choice for a position. An efficient HR system could make it easier to track candidate strengths and weaknesses, and help avoid the losses should a person prove unfit and have to leave.

Myler notes that the problems caused by bad hires manifest themselves in multiple ways: companies will have lost both the benefits they invested in a person who may just end up leaving, as well as the time it takes to train and orient this person. With better data available to them ahead of time, recruiters could avoid this circumstance and develop a more carefully-honed strategy for finding and retaining employees.

“The damage includes the negative productivity created by injecting poor performers into your organization,” Myler writes. “Other employees not only have to help the struggling newbie, they often have to spend time fixing mistakes, mending relationships with customers, and apologizing to vendors. There is no up side to settling for someone who simply cannot get the job done.”

The HR tools that will help each company create the best possible work force will vary in each case, so businesses need an HR system selection process that respects their needs and current situation. The best approach to finding a new solution involves evaluating the old one and working closely with consultants as different HRIS options are discovered.

For important functions like recruiting, a software selection could lead to a more accurate and accessible software platform that produces employees with longer tenure and a higher rate of engagement.

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