Smaller-sized companies investing in HR tech

A study from the Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit suggests that many small and midsize firms are interested in investing in Human Resource technology this year, and this could be a sign to many businesses that time for an HR systems update will be soon.

Small enterprises with fewer numbers of staff still could need to update their approach to tech even if their demands are relatively small. In fact, this could be an advantage, and might make it easier to go through the vendor discovery and HR systems implementation process than later once they have grown.

The results from this report, as rendered in an infographic, show that the companies with the greatest interest in new HR tech this year were also those that employed between one and 99 people. Among the different types of solutions these businesses are interested in, the most common was performance management. Along with this use, employee engagement measurement and onboarding were also important concerns for those with fewer than 100 workers.

“We think the data tells a compelling story about the needs of companies, particularly the high-level strategic demand for performance and employee engagement analytics,” Starr said in a blog post about the report. “It is clear that high-level management wants to have the tools available to make data-driven decisions.” In a smaller company, the impacts from a worthy HR system could be more immediately felt than in a large one.

At any stage of development, businesses that need to improve their HR operations may need the assistance of the best software solution. An HR consulting business will lend professionals working for this department support in locating vendors, selecting the right tools and launching the program once successful preparation has been completed. Having a trusted entity there to coordinate this process could help serve as guidance to the other members of the business.

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