Should employers make work schedules more flexible?

Human resources consulting companies provide an essential service to businesses that are looking to update their HR software systems and have an easier time hiring new employees. With these tools, employers are able to focus on getting to know their prospective hires and their new workers, which can be great for building long term, impactful relationships.

However, for employers who are interested in really helping employees enjoy their time at work, it can be important to think about different methods for retention. Making work schedules flexible can give people the opportunity to really enjoy a proper balance between work and life, as opposed to some jobs that may run a worker ragged with intense schedules.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 5 percent of businesses provide employees with flexible work options. This could include work from home capabilities, the option to set one’s own hours and in general establish the particulars of a schedule, including what days a person works and what days he or she cannot.

Thinking about the responsibility levels of different employees is one thing to consider before companies make the leap to a telecommuting option. If an employee has a consistent track record of making the most of his or her time in the office, this person may be an ideal candidate to work from home because he or she has demonstrated a commitment to the workplace that denotes their ability to stay on task and better manage his or her time.

Balancing the demands of work and life is another serious consideration that will impact the overall happiness that an employee feels within a position. If a person has to use his or her own vacation time or sick leave to account for life events like a sickness in the family or other major incidents, this could lead to that individual feeling more discouraged and dissatisfied with a job.

However, businesses that give employees the opportunity to amend their schedules to account for outside issues may note that retention rates become higher over time.

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