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The interview process can be a stressful process not only for the person applying for a job, but also for the HR employee trying to bring on new talent. It’s important to sift through applications and find individuals who have the necessary hard skills and who can fit into the existing company culture.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 62 percent of employers said that the most common mistake is when a candidate appears disinterested in the company. However, it’s not simple enough to pick new team members by how interested they are in the interview room.

Business and technology blog Inc. highlighted key tactics that HR departments should use in the hiring process. Even the highest office in the nation – the White House – has to take care when bringing on new talent, according to the source.

For example, President Obama and Hillary Clinton endured a bitter fight during the Democratic primary in 2008. When President Obama chose Clinton as his Secretary of State, it was uncertain if she would be willing to report to her former foe. However, the move mended fences and she has become an integral, trusted member of his team.

“Find people whose decision to join your venture will send a positive message to the rest of the organization,” the article said.

It’s not always immediately certain how a new hire will affect an organization’s culture and overall bottom line. Implementing HR systems can help human resource departments automate certain administrative features, which will ensure they can spend an appropriate amount of time sifting through applications and interviewing candidates.

With HR software solutions, HR managers will also have an easier time making any necessary adjustments to create a more positive working environment. HRIS can assist in gathering data to determine which procedures are proving successful and which are not. Easing up on administrative duties will help HR teams fine-tune the existing office culture to keep it as productive as possible.

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