rn Hiring lessons from Southwest and Facebookrn

Hiring strategies are often fine-tuned and developed over time. HR managers must decide which candidates have qualities that can benefit a business in the short and long run. It is crucial for human resource departments to devote the right amount of time to the hiring process, as it could ensure a company’s longevity.

Facebook is one company that understands the meaning of hiring candidates for their overall value and what they can bring to an organization. Entrepreneur reported that the online giant often hires engineers for their skills and their vision for the future. Facebook encourages workers to form teams around projects they’re passionate about. Not only does this approach let employees give their best to a project, it also provides opportunities for career growth based on smarts and competence, not on credentials.

Sherry Phelps, top executive in the People Department for Southwest Airlines explained her company’s hiring policy in an interview with Entrepreneur. According to Phelps, they look for the “warrior spirit.” She said that as a whole, Southwest has consistently fought against larger competitors, so they want employees who encompass that same attitude.

“We would rather take an eager, hungry, customer-oriented mind and mold it to what works well at Southwest, than try to change the habits of someone who’s come up through an organization that views life differently,” Phelps said.

Using professional HR software solutions can help a company devote the right amount of time to finding candidates who are not only technically skilled for an open position, but can contribute to an organization’s future. HR managers can use data gathered from HRIS to determine which procedures and policies are the most constructive. From there, an environment can be created that will benefit employees and the business as a whole.

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