Rise of construction projects may require HR software solutions

While the American economy is seeing higher revenue figures as of lately, some markets like the construction industry are ready to take steps to get projects up and running again. Realtors may be focused on emerging cities like Phoenix and Houston, but many construction workers in Boston find their hands full of opportunity as well—in fact, it may be growing too fast.

For Ray Callaway, who was out of work for two years at one point during the recession, is glad that he no longer has to use retirement savings and unemployment benefits, the Boston Globe reported.

“I’m working now, and I have faith that when this done, there’ll be something,” Callaway told the Globe. “It’s a job at a time.”

Callaway was a part of projects at Harvard Business School, but there are many other sites in the works. Whether it be renovating the Filene’s building that went out of business before the recession to clear the way for development of new condominiums or converting buildings into dormitory suites for Boston University, construction companies may need to be mindful of who they are hiring.

HR software solutions can expedite the hiring process for these businesses because it can help sift through applicants who have experience in using specific materials and equipment. When 20 percent of the workforce in this industry was laid off during the recession, these businesses should expect a surge of applications.

HR software solutions can help get more of these displaced craftsman back into a market that was largely put on hold for four years.

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