Revising the HR policy for the New Year

Even though the first month of 2015 is more than halfway over already, it’s still early enough for companies to try and launch comprehensive changes to their existing HR programs for the new year.

The earlier a company starts the HR software selection process, the more time they have to sort through different options and find the one most appropriate for their company at the moment. This is also a time where businesses can look at what hasn’t been working in their HR department recently and make strategic improvements.

What are some of the behaviors that HR managers can leave behind? Writing for LinkedIn, Liz Ryan of Human Workplace recently mentioned some of the things that HR departments have done in the past that might no longer be relevant.

Some of these refer to the approach a company takes to breaks from work. Ryan writes that requiring “notes” from doctors for extended sick leave comes across as treating them like children. Similarly, she says that asking for a “funeral notice” as proof of bereavement before someone takes leave reduces the amount of trust between employees and management.

Instead of treating workers like a resource that can be measured, ranked and put through tedious processes, Ryan suggests that companies can gain more by relating to everyone who works there more like people worthy of respect and extra care.

Without the right tools, enforcing a new policy can be more difficult than it needs to be. Look for an HR software package that will help you add accountability and consistency to HR processes, and thereby take some of the burden away from the employees themselves. Used correctly, this software will help any business take measurable steps in the right direction.

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