Returning parents could be a valuable employee resource

After your company has installed its latest HRIS software systems, it can use its advanced capabilities to manage employees in order to create the most successful workplace possible. This could include paying attention to workers that who could bring more valuable skills to your workforce. One group that fits this category? Returning parents, who may have taken time off to raise children but are ready to be active again in the office.

Despite the demands on their time outside of the workplace, busy parents could still prove themselves as good workers by showing the same amount of determination as anyone else in your company.

Employers can be sympathetic to the needs of these potential employees as a way of encouraging loyalty: If working parents know they can count on a business for child care and benefits, they could be more loyal to this business in the long run. Relieving these workers of financial worries saves the company from having to win them over in other, more expensive ways later on, as one Fast Company article recently noted.

Laszlo Bock, Google’s head of HR, recently wrote about returning parents as a great new asset for business in a LinkedIn post. He advises these kinds of workers to highlight this on their resume, not ignore it.

“If you volunteered or did part-time work, list that too, but own your decision,” he writes. “Parents who have left the workforce and are coming back in are one of the biggest untapped sources of talent for recruiters. We get that at Google, and more and more other companies are starting to see it too.”

In addition to paying more attention to workers with children, an HR software system could help your company set up programs that grant incentives to these potentially valuable workers.

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