Report: California, Texas lead in creating jobs within clean energy sector

Businesses may continue to play tug-of-war with their plans to hire, but the clean energy sector is trying to maximize their opportunities, seeing how tax credits are temporary. Companies that rely on these resources to offset the cost of their payroll, it is pertinent to make decisions sooner rather than later.

Research from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) found that last year, nearly 80,000 positions were filled. California, Texas and Hawaii created the most jobs in the clean energy market with more than 27,000 new projects.

“When we invest in clean energy and clean transportation, we put people to work in every corner of the country,”  E2 Executive Director Judith Albert said in the news release. “Whether it’s a new wind farm in Iowa, an energy efficiency retrofit in Massachusetts, or a utility-scale solar array in Nevada, these projects require American ingenuity and labor. The sector is helping stimulate our economy.”

Now that companies are growing a faster rate, some of them may want to consider implementing an in-house HR software solution to ensure that work hours are accurately clocked in, as well as sick and paid time off. With more than 260 cities and towns working on alternative energy sites, keeping track of staffers is important.

The downside to E2’s research is that the number of jobs created in 2013 were lower than 2012’s report, according to Clean Technica. However, solar energy businesses created more than 3,000 positions last year than they did in 2012, which shows that American enterprises are taking a closer look at alternative energy.

HR software can be used to expedite the hiring process, as well as organize personal information in one centralized location. If these engineers and scientists are working on a project miles away from headquarters, they will be able to manage their work-related files remotely.

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