Recruiting and retaining the right candidates

When HR managers begin the hiring process, it is important to choose applicants who will benefit the company for the short- and long-term. Once hired, employees need to stay engaged and devoted to putting their best foot forward. Companies can make help make this possible on numerous levels, but one that is often overlooked is the HR software system.

Not only does this tool help human resource teams stay organized, it is a good way for employees at all levels to remain up-to-date on the organization’s policies. Additionally, this provides businesses with a strong system to control payroll. HR employees can easily enter all information pertaining to team members’ salaries, and workers can remain current on their own compensation.

How do you bring on the right talent?

A recent survey by Jobvite found that 94 percent of businesses plan to use some form of online recruiting for 2013. The research also showed that this type of recruitment improved candidate quantity by 43 percent and their quality by 49 percent.

Once a business has a list of potential hires, the interview process is crucial. Candidates must not only be skilled, but they need to have the drive that will continuously contribute to an organization. Employee engagement is important for long-term success, and that engagement process begins in the interview.

Inc. Magazine contributor Suzanne Lucas said that the purpose of a job interview should not be to throw candidates off, or try and give them unique questions just for the sake of having unique questions. Essentially, when HR managers speak with potential hires, the conversation should be more like a date. An applicant and the interviewer should get to know one another, so each can judge if the match will be a good fit.

“If your questions don’t help you get to your goal, it’s a stupid question,” Lucas wrote. “If you can’t give a clear explanation to yourself as to why this oddball question helps you reach this goal of building your business, and what an ideal answer looks like, then throw it out.”

Staying organized for long-term success

The right human resources software solutions will benefit an organization throughout the entire hiring process. HR employees can see which departments need assistance, and then create the necessary job posting. Then, with less time devoted to paperwork, hiring teams can guarantee that the right candidate is brought on for an open position.

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