Reaping the rewards of an HRIS transition

While implementing new and capable HRIS systems could be a gradual process that takes time and effort, companies will make up for this in the amount of resources they free up as a result. Working with HR consultants will help departments focus on the rewards, which may give them greater incentive to improve in the face of possibly daunting changes.

As an example of the benefits of switching to this new system, HR business partner of BlackBerry Singapore Michelle Koh recently told Human Resources Online about the process her company underwent when migrating to a new HRIS.

After maintenance for the HRIS system they used was discontinued in 2013, the company set their sights on what Koh calls an “ambitious target” of switching over within 10 months. Part of the effort involved educating employees to introduce them to the new system.

Despite some basic difficulties at first, Koh says the results have been positive overall, reflecting the desire for a more cost-effective and efficient approach to HR tasks.

“Where we once would have spent time collating data, HR and managers can now spend the time analysing the data to make strategic decisions,” she writes “Where it used to be a full-day effort to identify all our employees and contractors globally, we now have accurate information for our workforce planning.”

When migrating to smarter HR options, especially those that are cloud-based, companies should remember the benefits of system simplicity. It might seem difficult to create a simplified approach to managing HR systems for large, international enterprises, but businesses that focus on the projected gains in efficiency will be able to clearly see the reasons for converting. Anticipating this will also give these HR departments something of a plan as they work with consultants toward greater systems efficiency.

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