Questions to Answer Before Implementing HR Software in 2018

Gone are the days of manually posting a simple job description to one or two job boards. The future of recruitment lies in algorithms, gamification, and other scientific hiring techniques offered by the top HR software programs. Companies are hiring better candidates in less time using minimal effort. According to Forbes, the popularity of these programs have helped build a $14+ billion dollar industry. Despite the numerous benefits offered by the latest HR technologies, Capterra reported that “only 26% of employers use an applicant tracking system to manage their hiring process” as of 2014.

If your company is looking to enjoy the advantages of HR software in 2018, be sure to answer these three important questions.

What are your goals?

Implementing HR software without establishing clear goals can cause you to select the wrong option for your business. Are you looking for ways to help your business save money through a quicker hiring process or reduced turnover? Do you want to find candidates who are more qualified than the ones you have been able to find so far? Is your current recruitment process too lengthy and inefficient? Whatever your goals are for the new year (and for the software that you select), be sure that you understand them prior to implementing new software. This will ultimately help you save time and money.

How many employees are you looking to hire in the new year?

Be sure that you are ready to communicate an estimate of how many new employees your business plans to hire in 2018. Will you need the capabilities to hire hundreds of qualified individuals for a brand new location? Or are you looking to occasionally add new positions as needed? Answering this question will empower you to find the best software solution for your company, since it will help you determine the easiest option for your needs.

What do you wish was different about your current recruitment process?

While you may have already answered this question when establishing goals, it is key to assess what is and isn’t working about your current hiring process. Are too many people involved with hiring? Are you having trouble finding new staff members that are top performers? Are you having trouble getting responses to your job postings? When asking yourself this question, you may find one problem or a list of problems to address. Knowing the pain points of your current recruitment process can help you make important decisions when looking for the features you want most in your HR software.

Making a smooth transition to a new hiring process

Change isn’t always an easy thing. However, when you’ve established your goals, assessed how many new employees your company plans to take on in 2018, and has identified pain points in your current hiring process, making the transition to the latest HR technologies will be far more smooth and painless.

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