Public sector recruiters may need HR software solutions

The World Wide Web has changed the way tasks are done, paving the way for recruiters to look for job candidates online and expedite payroll requests, but for others, the shift has heavily impacted an entire market.

For example, the print journalism industry is still paying catch up for lost advertising revenue, but a larger presence on social networks and paywalls have helped the industry get back on its feet.

On the other hand, government at the local, state and federal levels are unable to keep up with society’s digital standards because they are can’t recruit web developers or computer engineers as effectively as prominent tech companies like Facebook, the Washington Post explained.

Time and again, the “tech surge” Washington Post contributor Tom Cochran talks about has turned out to be inefficient in the public sector. Development projects that cost $10 million or more are completed on time about 10 percent of the time, research from the Standish Group reported. is the latest program to go wrong, costing Americans millions of dollars. To keep budgets in line with expectations, hiring managers may want to consider utilizing HR software solutions to mitigate future concerns.

Cochran added that while demand may be high in the information technology industry, with a small applicant pool to work with, these candidates have a plethora of job prospects to choose from. It is up to these organizations, including government to think of ways to attract these job seekers. One benefit he thinks employers should consider is education assistance.

In the military, all hires are fully aware “that there is a requirement to serve five years on active duty and three years in the reserve.” After their commitment is completed, they will be able to attend college for free in the United States. While this option may be a large investment, it is not a cost that has to be completed up front.

One government organization, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, allowed aspiring engineers to be a part of a two-year fellowship. This opportunity may not pay as much, but the experience they gain may inspire them to continue their mission to “work on socially valuable projects,” Globe contributor Melissa Threadgill added.

Recruiters can help their companies stay ahead of the game by discussing a strategy for IT applicants specifically. Because it is hard to find talented applicants who are still searching, HR software solutions can help expedite the process, allowing searches to be completed faster than with the plain eye.

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