Positive work environments promote healthy workers

Regardless of the industry a company is in, it is up to the organization’s managers and human resources department to establish a strong team of employees. Happier, healthier staffers are more likely to consistently perform than their ill counterparts, according to a study from the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI).

Though this sounds obvious at first glance, HR software solutions cannot pick up on a person’s mental or physical health. What these programs can do however, is pre-screen applications to find those capable of handling specific workflows. A positive work culture can improve overall job performance within a department, which allows these companies to remain competitive in a cutthroat market.

“As more employers recognize that health influences productivity, as well as healthcare costs, health outcomes such as absence, disability and presenteeism are being brought into the larger discussion of the business cost of poor health,” IBI president Tom Parry told Business & Legal Resources.

IBI’s study found that 86 percent of respondents rated their work environment as “good to excellent,” allowing them to work on a consistent basis. Participants who said that their work culture was “fair or poor” experienced less overall work productivity through a lack of concentration (31 percent) or not working (44 percent).

These issues may not always be brought up to human resources departments, but during instances when they are, it should be recorded within a company’s HR software solution. Having a record of an employee’s feedback shows that the business was aware of the issue at hand, which can help ensure that action will be taken to remedy the situation.

If there is a pattern of complaints like irregular hours or stressful workloads, HR software is able to pinpoint which department is having these inquiries. Keeping this data organized may prove to be advantageous in the future.

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