Part of ACA gets delayed by a year to give companies more time to adjust

The healthcare policies that the Obama Administration has introduced to American society have been a controversial topic of debate. One pressing issue in the Affordable Care Act will change the way that companies provide benefits to their employees. Fortunately for those in opposition, a major requirement has been delayed by a year.

The ACA was planned to be put into full effect in 2014 but because of the complexities in the requirements from certain policy changes, American businesses have been given until 2015 to implement the new procedures.

One of the most highly discussed aspects of this act is the requirement for businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide them with medical insurance, or face a $2,000 fine per worker. Elaborate insurance exchange rules and accompanying fines if they are mishandled are other reasons why business owners are skeptical about the effectiveness of this policy,

Skylar Swischer discussed the policy in an article in  the Daytona Beach News journal, and president of HR Florida Stat Council Inc , Joyce Chastain commented that, “The Affordable Care Act is one of the most complicated pieces of legislation that has ever affected the workplace.”

Many who have been opposed to the ACA since it’s enactment hope that this delay will lead to an eventual repeal. However, the Obama Administration is urging businesses, who are capable, to stick to the original 2014 deadline. Whatever your stance may be, as of now the employer mandate’s set date is 2015 and it would be wise for businesses to prepare as best they can.

Human resource departments will have a lot of adjustments to make, as well as being diligent of hidden fines, when they undergo ACA changes. Although those in the HR field are accustomed to the dynamic role their department plays, seeking assistance is always a good idea to save time during the workday. Utilizing an  HR consulting company can make these day-to-day processes become more manageable with hr software solutions.

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