New technology integrates biometrics with HR

Technology that uses biological information, like eye or face scans, have been a known factor of new company modernization efforts for some time now, so it should come as no surprise that they are being considered in conjunction with HR tools.

One upcoming human capital system produced by Paycor, for example, will include biometric information among the data it uses to categorize employees. According to findBiometrics, this system specifically uses fingerprint scanning to register employee attendance during the day. Attaching this value to employee processes could help HR departments confirm someone’s identity and perhaps tailor an HR experience to fit individual employees.

Another example of this is a scanner used by the hotel chain Yotel to detect the entire handprint instead of just a single finger. While some hotels depend upon electronic time cards to monitor employee hours, Yotel uses these scans to verify employees and streamline workforce management on a day-to-day basis.

Skift reported on this system and features comments from the company’s vice president of finance and administration, Gemma Gowers.

“The use of the whole hand reduces the scope of identity manipulation and provides greater efficiency to monitor crew shift patterns to the prescribed rota,” she said. “The interface with the HR software facilitates managing crew shift patterns through to payroll and the process is more automated, quicker and more accurate.”

Whichever technology companies need to make payroll simpler, HR system selection professionals will be useful in locating the most fitting vendors. Making the transition to a radically new means of employee management is difficult without the proper support, and consultants will give businesses added effectiveness in assessing their current needs before deciding on the best new HR tools to use.

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