Monitoring unscheduled absences can improve productivity

Recently we have discussed how human resource departments can use big data to narrow down their employee search. Analyzing data that includes past experiences, skills and education will point out which applicants have the best potential. Using HR software solutions to organize applicants’ information not only saves time, but also helps determine what qualities you should be looking for in an applicant.

Another way that HR departments can use big data to improve their company’s productivity is through monitoring unscheduled absences. According to Andrew Hill in Financial Times, data analysis can not only weed out those playing hooky, but also determine how certain work habits can influence a person’s health.

One example, that Hill used, was that bus drivers who began their shift in the middle of the day had more back problems than those who started in the morning. On the other hand, data can pinpoint when people are taking advantage of sick days. For instance, in Scotland it was found that a high amount of absences were correlated with the football schedule.

Hill suggested that having insight into workers productivity habits can be extremely helpful for managers. “Clever managers should now develop ways to predict not just when and why employees disengage, but also when, why and ideally where they are most engaged with the task in hand,” he said.

Enlisting the services of a consulting company can help your HR department with HR project management, Therefore, you can monitor employee’s absences and use the information to help your business run smoother.

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