Mobile could match growth in need for new hires

Harnessing the latest technology for recruitment doesn’t have to only involve using an up-to-date HR software system, but a strategy that includes mobile user devices. CIO identified mobile devices as one of the “hot trends” currently seen in hiring employees for software companies, because mobile-friendly entities are becoming more preferred by Google algorithms. Recruitment that accounts for the mobile experience could be more effective and reach a broader audience, as long as the right HR infrastructure is in place.

While mobile awareness and cloud usage is poised to impact business presence in a general sense, recruitment in particular stands to benefit. An article from Workforce says that the need to recruit more workers is growing, as is the importance of engaging potential hires through interactive means.

Turning to mobile devices could not only help companies appeal directly to the candidate, but also create an experience that feels more specific: the job search site Indeed reportedly saw a 17 percent leap in mobile traffic between 2013 and 2014 alone, the source noted.

Among others, the article quotes Steve Roop of Glassdoor for Employers, who referenced the new changes in attitude that should accompany technological advances.

“The old methods of recruitment and job search just aren’t working well enough,” he said. “Potential candidates are researching opportunities through new, interactive channels, and hiring decision-makers are planning to invest more in these channels to attract more qualified candidates.”

Though the article says mobile use in recruitment still has a ways to go, the implications of this technology suggest other values that could grow more important for HR operations in the future, like customization and fast access. Find the right HR software company that will present an appropriate solution for mobile expansion.

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