Metrics for employee performance

Compiling the data from employee performance reviews is one of a human resource department’s key responsibilities. Depending on your organization’s specific industry, the metrics for interpreting performance will change, but there are a handful of universal categories. An article published by provides basic criteria by which your organization may want to evaluate staff members.

While quality is certainly an important consideration, if your business or organization uses hard numbers as a metric of success, it makes sense to employ this same strategy when evaluating your workers. For example, one might consider whether or not sales goals have been consistently met. Gauging how quickly and efficiently an employee completes his or her work is also a good way to measure performance.

Most supervisors would agree that good attendance is a necessary foundation for solid performance. Tardiness or other attendance problems can also hinder the performance of other employees at your organization, particularly if they end up picking up the slack.

Attendance isn’t the only policy employees should adhere to. HR World describes this metric as “a boundary on creativity.” Creative solutions can be invaluable in the workplace, but only if they are in line with the mission of the company/organization.

Subjective appraisals are also extremely valuable when evaluating performance. This is the employee’s chance to size up his or her own work, and to receive face-to-face or written feedback from a direct supervisor. Appraisals, when used in conjunction with other methods of performance evaluation, can have a lasting impact on employee performance if harnessed appropriately.

Keeping track of this many criteria for numerous employees is a complex task—one that can be simplified immensely by implementing the right HR software.

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