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As technology becomes a larger part of many companies, it is becoming increasingly important to find prospective employees that have skills in this area. The advertising industry that was once heavily reliant on magazine ads and billboards is working on understanding these changes.

This week in New York City, many of these creative agencies and marketing firms are participating in “Advertising Week,” discussing industry-wide trends and topics. At one workshop, a group of panelists were asked what is their business’ largest threat. While answers varied between specific companies, one fear each participant agreed on was managing their employees, according to Ad Week.

Whether this means supervising employees that are already a part of the company or looking for new hires to work with the current team, it can be a daunting task that could be made easier through the use of HR software solutions. In this creative yet competitive industry, many companies are preparing to shift from print ads to digital solutions and hiring managers need to find people that fit these new needs.

“So, to get the talent and the people in order to get that done, we have to switch out a lot of people in your agency and reinvent and transform your agency,” Durk Barnhill, the New York CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, told AdWeek. “A lot of us are doing that and having to reinvest in that.”

These businesses that want to simplify their transition process will greatly benefit from the use of HR software solutions. Vacant positions cannot stay open for long because that could hurt the organization’s plans for the upcoming quarter. Adapting to these changes will take time, so the sooner these agencies can find a person that can fill in these crucial gaps, the better.

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