Making opposing employees work together as a team

While every employer wants their workers to be productive and get along well, there could be some benefits to promoting the differences between opinions in the office. A healthy amount of conflicting opinions, if expressed professionally, could generate conversation and help improve your company’s culture. Putting the right HR project management tools in place makes coordinating human capital more effective.

Writing for Entrepeneur, Oz Alon of HoneyBook says that discussing workplace differences helps a business build a more creative atmosphere. To that end It should recruit diverse thinkers and encourage them to work together, but also explore areas where people disagree, because that helps keep the momentum going.

In contrast to a stagnant office, one that contains contrasting opinions is more likely to grow, Alon says. Selective abandoning of the rules lets HR managers and other employees open up new possibilities.

“Nothing fights complacency better than disagreement,” Alon says. “You don’t have to wage an internal office war or create psychological discord. No, disagreement between professionals is the foundation of debate and debate is exactly what you need to make sure your company is constantly putting its best foot forward.” Before that, he says that “truly disruptive ideas don’t arise out of stability.”

This setup can start during the hiring process but continue as employees become more comfortable with their work environment and feel ready to respond candidly. Later on, common HR strategies like meetings and employee surveys could help managers figure out how one particular person feels about the workplace and the way they fit into it.

Structuring and implementing a new HR tactic is easier when usable HR system is involved. Once added, this software will help future projects and initiatives get launched more quickly.

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