Lack of digital skills proves problematic for U.S. businesses

HR departments know that finding the best talent for the job is a top priority. But the work does not stop once the hiring process has been completed. Professional development and training is an essential part of a growing and smoothly-running business.

Some companies choose to forego training, thinking that it will save on costs. However, this move has the potential to cause more harm than good. A recent Entrepreneur article discusses the losses that businesses have been incurring due to lost productivity.

According to the article, businesses in the U.S. are losing more than $1 trillion a year because employees are not equipped with the skills they need to use today’s technological tools. As the article details, there is a “digital skills gap” among workers that has the potential to continue growing as technology advances but employees don’t have the skills they need to use it effectively.

Results from a Harris poll showed that one out of every three workers in the U.S. believe they lack the proficiency to use the technological tools necessary for their jobs.

As HR is tasked with employee training, departments can work to develop programs to meet the needs of staff members who would benefit from having increased knowledge of how to use the technologies that are essential to their roles. Taking the time to invest in the skills of your employees will have a positive impact on their engagement and job satisfaction, as well as the company bottom line.

HR departments have a lot to handle, but having a system in place to help manage the details can make operations run more smoothly. HR software solutions can help track  and manage employee training and development.

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