Jobaline creates text message application form

The days of the paper-based resume and application may be on their way out, but online applications from emails, career websites and social media outlets have created a slew of new problems. Job seekers have the opportunity to send their credentials to wherever they like, even if the individual may not be qualified for the position.

To alleviate time spent on unqualified candidates’ forms, HR software solutions can sift through resume fluff with predetermined filters. Depending on what requirements the hiring manager deems important, this program can pick up on keywords or phrases to expedite the hiring process.

Jobaline, a startup business based out of Kirkland, Washington, decided to design HR software that can further simplify the hiring process by sending text messages, KOMO News, a Washington-based ABC affiliate reported.

Jobaline founder Luis Salazar found that many hourly positions were trying to recruit over the internet, to keep up with industry standards, but found that many of these positions remained vacant–costing “employers time and money,” KOMO News contributor  Kiersten Throndsen writes. Hourly jobs play a large role in the American economy, accounting for 57 percent of the total workforce.

“Twenty percent of households in the [United States] don’t have access to the Internet,” Salazar told the source. “It’s worrisome that this industry doesn’t allow you to instantly search and create job applications via mobile device.”

Whenever a job seeker comes across a position that uses the service, they will need to send a code to the designated number. From there, Jobaline sends the individual pre-screening questions and based on those responses, the company will decide to send open-ended and trade-specific questions.

While this method of recruiting may be used to help a specific group of job seekers, HR software can be tailored toward a larger applicant pool, across many work sectors.

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