Is your company invested in its employees?

The importance of engaging your employees should not be underestimated. Workers that are invested in the work they do are more likely to be happier on the job, and to produce better results. This effect is not only beneficial for individual employees, but the company as a whole. Happier workers are better for your company’s bottom line, and an integral part of its ultimate success.

Forbes contributor Meghan M. Biro explains in an article about employee happiness that in 2013, the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For made the effort to invest in their workers, and as a result experienced increased revenues to the tune of 22.2 percent on average.

There are several factors that Biro highlights as contributing to employee happiness, including fair pay, noting that “smart leaders pay people well.” Additionally, a good benefits package, an enjoyable and fun workplace environment, and an approachable management team all contribute to the likelihood that workers will be happier and more inclined to be invested in the company.

But what else can HR do to help ensure employee satisfaction? As James Tehrani writes in an article for

“You want happy workers? Give them what they want: a culture where creativity is encouraged and pass-the-buck is discouraged, flexibility to manage business life and home life, good benefits like a retirement plan with auto-rebalancing and a few plum perks — discounted movie tickets anyone? — couldn’t hurt either.”

The key takeaway is that if you treat your employees right, your company will profit. HR has a hand in managing many of these factors. An HR system can help manage the details involved in creating the type of working environment that leads to happier employees.

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