Is transparency inevitable for HR technology?

Keeping the benefits and working of HR technology visible to employees could not only be beneficial to companies, it could be inevitable. Earlier this year in January, Karen Higginbottom wrote about transparency in an article for Forbes that identified it as one of the key driving HR trends of the year.

She drew this prediction from Steve Parker of Achievers, who noted the increasing tendency for employees to embrace social and interconnected solutions, which could make both positive and negative messages circulate more widely on the internet. To respond to this, Parker predicted a coming more open culture in which HR encourages communication.

Three months into 2015, what has the year brought us in terms of HR transparency? A more recent Forbes article by Bertrand Dussert of Oracle goes even further by dubbing this the Transparency Age, in which employees naturally have “high expectations for transparency” when they join a new company.

To respond to this, the heads of HR departments, including Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO’s) have to harmonize information in multiple channels related to a business and take cues from the markets consumers interact with regularly, Dussert writes.

“There’s zero tolerance for dissonance between the employment brand message, employment brand promise, and the reality of working for the company,” he said. “The antidote is access to accurate and detailed information that’s of interest to both prospects and employees. And make no mistake: Transparency is not a request, it’s a demand.”

Having a clear idea of the most important values in a desired HR solution impacts the HR system selection process when companies are beginning their search. Consultants will make this search easier and more fitting with the realities of a business’ existing setup. This will help an HR department find the solution that is appropriate for their purposes and make operations run more efficiently.

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