Is it time to try a new predictive analytics strategy? [Video]

While workforce analytics technology has evolved, companies might not have the right tools to keep their HR team focused on reducing turnover and addressing team inefficiencies. A key part of making analytics work is understanding the context of information, ensuring that you make intelligent choices.

Recently, Dave Weisbeck discussed the difficulties of verifying whether a predictive analytics strategy is working. He notes that some of the solutions used for this purpose have not been developed well enough to do so and aren’t strong choices for making serious predictions. If a company wants to address issues like employee turnover, Weisbeck says, they need to look at the root causes and the employees most at risk of leaving.

Because this is still relatively new technology, it could be difficult to tell for sure how well your business is using it. Enforcing compliance and proper standards after implementation is a must, and HR consulting solutions can help lead the way.

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