Integrating video into recruitment technology

Maintaining an HR system that allows for the latest in recruiting techniques makes it more likely that prospective hires will be engaged during the entire process. During this time, however, hiring managers should observe the effectiveness of the tools they are using and make sure they don’t rob the experience of the “human element” that makes a candidate more likely to take part.

In an article for Tech Cocktail from last month, SparkHire’s Josh Tolan mentioned the role that video interviews play when screening a job applicant. According to him, this allows for a faster, more streamlined way for companies to address candidates that saves time. He specifically advocates for one-way interviews that take the burden off of the hiring professional.

“Simply create a list of questions you’d like candidates to answer, and leave the rest to them,” he writes. “The best part about it? You’re able to view one-way video interviews anywhere, at any time, at your convenience.”

According to a 451 report commissioned by Microsoft, media streaming is likely to account for 23 percent of managed services spending between enterprises and hosting & cloud providers within two years from now. This is a subset of a grander cloud adoption trend that will see 34 percent adapt more than half of their applications into the cloud environment. For HR, installing and managing a cloud-friendly recruiting program could go hand-in-hand with using support for technology like video streaming for intelligent recruitment purposes.

Revolutionize recruiting and other necessary HR functions with support from and HR consulting business. Experts in this field will allow companies to find the right system for them through a thorough selection and implementation process based on their goals and current HR tech.

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