Improving internal recruitment with a new HRIS

Hiring from within a company may require special support from the HR team, including using particular digital tools. Analytics are valuable in recruiting both internally and externally, and sophisticated strategies can be necessary for managing hires from within the business as well as those new recruits found using external means.

Managing internal candidates properly gives companies an extra resource from which to draw candidates. In an article from the Society for Human Resource Management, Renae Barlieb of First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation talked about the importance of maintaining internal applicants to make the hiring process easier.

Internal recruits could be an untapped resource at your organization.Internal recruits could be an untapped resource at your organization.

As an example of the steps involved in internal recruiting, Barlieb describes Guaranty’s drive to create accurate profiles for its employees to set the stage for further development. This adds to the data the company has at its disposal.

Analytics are valuable in recruiting both internally and externally

“A couple of months back, each employee was asked to fill out a job questionnaire about their current position,” Barlieb said. “This will help the HR team with future staff planning and recruiting. As the performance management system and process is further developed, talent profiles will be a part of the process.”

Creating a reliable bank of candidate data is one of the key advantages of looking inward for recruits. By setting up proper training ahead of time and creating a seamless pipeline, the company can increase engagement and grow loyalty.

This also reduces the amount of time it takes to successfully place someone. HR process engineering consultants gives companies the necessary means to restructure their systems based on their needs.

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