Husbands and dads benefit from flex time as well

With traditional gender roles what they used to be, flexible scheduling options have revolved around women more than men in the past. While female professionals are badgered by incessant questions about balancing life and motherhood, sometimes fatherhood is left out of the conversation.

Times have changed however, with men and women engaging in a more equal partnership when it comes to taking care of domestic duties. As such, time management options should be adjusted accordingly for the modern man, says Chad Brooks of Business News Daily.

More than three in four American men are now working flexible schedules, and 77 percent of those men are “comfortable” with the arrangements, reports the Working Mother Research Institute and Ernst & Young LLP. Men with flexible scheduling options are also happy and more fulfilled in their work lives, as well as more loyal to the company.

However, while telecommuting remains an attractive prospect for male employees, too much of it can have the opposite effect.

“Men who telecommute five days a week are the most stressed — even more so than men who don’t have flexible schedule options,” said Brooks. “Men attribute that stress to feeling like they can’t get away from their work, that their commitment to their job is constantly being questioned and that they feel isolated.”

How do you strike that perfect balance in your work-from-home policy, bringing your company into the modern era for male and female professionals alike? Automating the tedious logistical burdens that fall on the shoulders of HR people is a start. HR software systems can do just that, and HR Software Solutions is the service you should look to to integrate and maintain that system for you.

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