HR Software Solutions’ Lauren Gander honored as top exec

HR Software Solutions is proud to announce that our own President, Lauren DeFilippo, has been spotlighted by

Ms. DeFilippo brings a level of experience and knowledge to the role matched by few. After receiving her Masters in human resources from Stevens Institute of Technology, she has gone on to spend more than a decade and a half in the human resources industry, providing support and insight that helps companies streamline their operations and become more profitable.

In her 8 years with HR Software Solutions Ms. DeFilippo has become indispensable to the company’s efforts to work with clients implementing payroll, project management and human resource systems. She meets with clients and uses her unique insight to help them develop the systems that will improve various parts of their operations. This level of service has led to return customers and referrals, two things with which she credits her ongoing success.

Over the next five years, Ms. DeFilippo hopes to continue fostering growth and adding employees.

Developing female executives in your own organization requires planning, support and foresight. Creating a culture where all employees can grow and thrive is a worthwhile goal — one that can be made more attainable via HR Software Solutions. Whether it’s recruiting high-performing candidates, managing their tasks or identifying when they’re ready for new responsibilities, HR project management can help you ever step of the way.

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