HR software solutions can help with oil industry’s worker shortage

The United States may continue to be the largest consumer of natural gas and oil, but they have found a way to reduce costs: by being the world’s largest producer. Due to additional drilling, it has helped many local economies bounce back from the recession while keeping cost low for American consumers, Reuters reported.

Though these developments are expected to continue benefiting Americans, many natural gas and oil businesses do not have enough workers managing the rigs.

In Louisiana specifically, about 75 percent of projects were delayed in 2012 because recruiters for these businesses could not find qualified staffers to oversee these projects. Hiring managers in the oil industry may greatly benefit from the use of HR software solutions, potentially gathering a larger applicant pool than job postings are. On top of an aging workforce, businesses need to act fast before the issue becomes out of hand.

“Forty percent of experienced workers are expected to retire this decade, and replacing them means educating a new workforce,” Brent Golleher, manager of government relations at the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, told the Daily Comet. “Our job is to make this as seamless as possible so that students can jump from one school to another and pick up the credentials they need.”

The organization plans on increasing jobs in 2014 in this sector, so human resources departments may want to take any possible measure to prepare for this push. HR software solutions for example, can search through applications and resumes faster than the plain eye, which expedites the hiring and on-the-job training process.

“[The U.S.] growth rate is greater than the sum of the growth of the next nine fastest growing countries combined and has covered most of the world’s net demand growth over the past two years,” PIRA Energy Group wrote on the U.S. production of oil.

This year, U.S. output reached 3.2 million barrels per day. At this rate, production totals in the U.S. are expected to reach 12 million barrels for the year. Finding skilled staff members to manage this amount of supply is pertinent.

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