HR software solutions can help scan past resume fluff

Whenever a job opens, a recruiter may come across at least 100 resumes for one or two openings. It is extremely important to find the right candidate for the job, but sometimes, the task at hand requires a lot of an employee’s time.

Human resources professionals are largely responsible for streamlining this process and many other projects, which means that time is precious. Instead of using the plain eye to sift through resumes, why not consider HR software solutions? This program enables hiring managers to include filters to weed out resumes that use too much fluff or include information that may not correlate for the position.

Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Shanna Mallon writes about her least favorite words on a resume and how coming across phrases with these terms may prompt her to put an application into the “discard” pile.

“When you want to make your writing more powerful, cut out words you don’t need,” Mallon explained.


Using either these words may put uncertainty into the recruiter’s mind. If an applicant is unsure about his or her responsibilities, why would you be fit for the job?


Some words don’t translate well on paper as they do in conversation and really is one of them. Mallon added that using really is often unnecessary–there are stronger phrases to choose from.


When listing out tasks at a former job, saying “things” does not explain enough. What exactly did the job seeker do?

There are many other ways to convey these messages, but there are more powerful nouns, verbs and adjectives out there. If a job seeker is unable to put his or her best foot forward, HR software solutions will be able to identify stronger candidates based on customizable filters.

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