HR software solutions can help during time-sensitive hiring periods

It may be early November, but businesses that have not hired enough temporary workers to meet demand for the next month and a half should be worried: Black Friday and Hanukkah fall on the same day—tightening the applicant pool while demand becomes even higher, Entrepreneur reported.

On top of pressure related to Thanksgiving happening at the end of November, shortening the holiday season by a week, business owners and major retailers know that the fourth quarter is going to be close and they may need to utilize HR software solutions to close worker shortages.

About 85 percent of small businesses told Manta, a small business online community, that the next month and a the half is equally, if not more important to their sales {compared to other times of the year, which means that many measures will be taken to meet demand. Whether that may be shown through an increase of sales or advertisements, these offerings cannot mitigate the issue of an understaffed retailer.

“We’re seeing the astounding effects of the continued shift to online holiday shopping – especially from mobile devices – to the small business community,” Kristy Campbell, director of marketing at Manta, said in a statement. “With the changing demographics and mobile habits of Millennials coming to the forefront, these trends will continue to accelerate and gain importance.”

This shift of shopping habits can actually be utilized to increase applicant pools for recruiters who have not met the business’ hiring expectations. While consumers are looking for gifts for a loved one, hiring managers can post temporary hire opportunities on these social network–mentioning company-wide discounts can also be advantageous in attracting job seekers.

Once human resources have enough applications in their system, let HR software solutions simplify the process. Reading through multiple resumes can be an eyesore, the program can do the scanning much more efficiently.

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