HR software solutions can help companies increase gender diversity

In some parts of the business world, it can be hard to encourage women to apply for senior positions because of a lack of a presence, but this issue also applies to men as well. Although this issue varies between work sectors and departments, working in an office where one gender is more represented than the other could have long-term, adverse effects.

Over in Silicon Valley and other growing technology hubs in the United States, there is a lack of female representation. While some of this has to do with a low number of women choosing to work in this market, HR software solutions can help human resources departments find women who do have experience in these arenas, thus increasing diversity in the workplace.

Currently, the female presence is lacking on all fronts: from the entry-level engineer position to the board of directors, Sallie Krawcheck, a former executive at Bank of America Corporation said on a panel that the issue is “just as bad” on Wall Street — the home of the New York stock Exchange and many other financial institutions.

“This is a fairness issue,” Krawcheck said at The Year Ahead, a conference hosted by Bloomberg. Krawcheck is now the the co-owner of 85 Broads Unlimited LLC., an organization that encourages networking between female leaders across many industries.

Gender shortages can be found in businesses of all sizes as well. From the mom-and-pops to Twitter, which currently has zero women on its board, having a mix of both genders can improve the work environment.

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