HR software solutions can find ‘Millennials’ fit for the job

It’s natural for businesses to hire younger professionals, but interaction between employees in different age groups can be a constant battle. Members of other generations may have a hard time thinking that Millennials can handle a similar workflow. Their willingness to mix work and personal endeavors proves that their drive is different than others, but it can be beneficial to businesses in many sectors.

“No other generation blurs the lines between work and play like Millennials do,” marketing executive Heidi Farris explained in a blog post for CIO Magazine. “They want to play when they feel like playing, and they want to work when they feel like working; you might be surprised at how often [and when] they feel like working given the choice.”

Farris discussed several examples when these 18-30 year-old workers have been beneficial to her company, Bloomfire. Input from new hires can be of value to a company. Hiring managers can find such job seekers with HR software solutions.

In order to find a Millennial worth inviting to join the team, consider what goals the company plans on meeting. Do they want to revamp a new batch of goods and services? Are more people reaching retirement?

Knowing this information is important for recruiters because they need to input these details into their HR software program. From there they can look through resumes that meets the job description as well as business’ future plans. However, it is important to remember that a Millennial’s mindset may differ from that of other staffers. Millennials, just like other staffers, need to be able to work with other members of their team, especially their manager.

“I need the right balance of attention and trust,” a Millennial once said to Farris. “I do not want a manager that hovers and micro manages my every effort. However, I do want a manager that is accessible and open to discussing issues.”

Cisco Systems Inc. is one of many organizations that welcome Millennials. After announcing that they cut 4,000 employees from their middle management team, Cisco explained that they expect to have 75 percent of their workforce consisting of these 18-30 year-olds by 2025, CIO reported.

Hiring managers who have been notified of a plan similar to Cisco’s can make the most out of their hiring process with the support of HR software solutions. Each day behind schedule can influence potential revenue to the business.

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