HR software can help recruiters go paperless

The likelihood that a resume enters a business’ office via mail may be much lower these days thanks to the internet, but some human resources employees continue to print these documents out to scan them with the plain eye. Unfortunately, this measure has been found to be inefficient and a wasteful way to use printing materials.

Instead of completing tasks this way, more companies are deciding to make this an entirely electronic process. From the moment an applicant presses submit to when  his or her application appears in the office’s database, HR software solutions can organize these applications without ever needing to press print.

However, making such a switch does not happen overnight. Bloomberg BNA discusses the security and accessibility concerns around going paperless in the human resources office.

“Whatever system you use needs to be secure from outside intruders through the use of passwords, firewalls and encryption, and from insiders you wouldn’t give access to such documents,” Janie Schulman, partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP, told Bloomberg. “Medical data need to be kept segregated and secure, as does race, ethnicity and age data. If a supervisor is looking to fire someone, he or she shouldn’t have access to this information.”

Compliance in the hard-copy world still applies with managing these documents. Human resources have a lot of data entering their office on a consistent basis, ensuring the confidentiality of the company and its workers is important. Start off with choosing what needs to be kept, scanned or disposed of, Anthony Rainone of Brach Eichler LLC added.

In some cases, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, compliance regulation has been changed to potentially penalize more entities—including human resources who may have access to employee’s health insurance information.

“You don’t just start building a car from scratch, which is what many people do with a paperless office,” he said.

Contracts that have been signed for example, should be kept according to the state’s document retention period. Keeping these files in location will come in handy if a former staffer decides to send the business to court.

Though switching toward HR software solutions may take time at first, the advantages of scanning multiple applications at once as well as organizing payroll documentation and employee benefits will be very apparent to the entire department.

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