HR software can find great digital marketers

The internet continues to change how businesses conduct their operations and managers are looking to adjust to these shifts, but how can marketers answer to these concerns if there are not enough people with relevant skill sets?

Generation Y college graduates may be the first group of professionals who have spent a majority of their lives on the internet, using email and social networking websites, but that does not entirely make a person marketable in this industry, Search Engine Watch explained.

In the realm of digital marketing, there are many possible roles to enter. Whether that be search engine optimization or analytics, the talent gap spans between 12 and 37 percent—meaning that there aren’t enough job seekers out there with a broad amount of experience.

HR software solutions can be a great help at this time, pulling out information from resumes for recruiters. Marketing agencies are busier than ever, building entirely new strategies for their clients who need to incorporate these new technologies, the last thing they need to do is spend an hour or two reading through resumes and cover letters.

Unfortunately, the fact is there may not be a collection of the “best and brightest” in this market when the industry does not expect there to be a “standard for these roles any time soon,” aimClear CEO Marty Weintraub added.

“It’s like turning a battleship around in a bathtub,” he said. “By the time most educational programs have caught up, things have changed again.”

This is why there is value in HR software solutions. This program can find the best applicants from the largest pool. From there, hiring managers can determine what kind of interview questions or tests can be done to evaluate the prospective digital marketer’s potential. This is a time-sensitive situation for this industry and any kind of assistance helps.

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