HR needs to step outside of its comfort zone

The good people at Human Resources Online interviewed four HR global leaders and their views on the current state and future of HR were fascinating.

Overall the drum beat pushed that HR professionals and departments need to “step outside of their comfort zones” to continue pushing the envelop and developing themselves as the landscape changes.

A few of the best tidbits to share:

  • Deploy your hiring strategy on the whole organization, not just the high value 5-10% cream of the crop. With a lot of competition for the best employees, as well as a departing older workforce leaving with historical knowledge, hiring is as important as ever these days
  • Hiring may need to involve upper level management, not just HR. As HR can provide support, upper management should be making final decisions on all hires
  • Directly explaining your unique selling proposition and philosophy as an organization will help you hire and retain the right employees
  • Candidates are being much more choosey with the companies they interact with – with many researching the social profiles of not only the company itself, but also its employees
  • Potential employees view their entire world as a potential landing spot, not just a local area which makes competition even harder for businesses
  • HR departments are straying away from hiring based on academics, and more so on attitude, learning agility, and potential.
  • Only 15% of HR departments feel they are adequately using big data in their day-to-day operations.

The interviews are engaging and full of trending analysis so please click above to read the whole thing!

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