HR must think smarter about smartphones

Why is the HR industry so slow at adapting to the smartphone-addicted world that we live in? That type of laggard thinking is going to slow the growth of a much-needed business department. People (including your employees and management) are basically tethered to their phone 24/7, so HR needs to find a way to adapt to that type of obsession.

“HR is doing very little with the technology, and worse still, has few plans to do anything much in the near future. Out of 128 HR executives surveyed by Bersin earlier this year, only 19% of respondents already used smartphones for HR and 23% planned to do so over the next 12 months. That left the biggest chunk of respondents, 58%, who said they had no plans to use this technology in the future.”

Twenty-eight percent of Millenials expect to apply to a job using their smartphone; such is their close ties to the device. Somewhat worrying is a whopping 30% of that same generation thought it would be appropriate to TEXT during a job interview! Six in 10 believe that work productivity is the biggest advantage to using smartphones. This is quickly followed by the ability to have more timely responses form users, better real-time decision-making and employee engagement. What that means is that workers can book travel and holidays from their mobile device or view work schedules, as well as access applications for recruitment, learning, coaching and feedback.

The major issue blocking HR from adopting more smartphone usage is deciding who at a company needs one to perform their job functions, and then secondarily what HR apps should be available for download for any employee. Organizations are normally sluggish to adopt new technology and smartphone apps are no different. Hopefully it becomes a more important issue for management in 2015.

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