HR Must Make People Analytics More User-Friendly

What happens when you have endless data at your fingertips, but you can’t interpret it? You’re wasting valuable resource. We all understand by this point that HR-related data is critical to an organization’s success. But progress and adoption from businesses has been slow.

A Harvard Business Review analytics study of 230 executives suggests a stunning rate of anticipated progress: 15% said they use “predictive analytics based on HR data and data from other sources within or outside the organization,” while 48% predicted they would be doing so in two years.

The truth is though, that many firms are having issues identifying actionable insights from their HR data. So how do you, as an HR professional, convince upper management to spend resource on interpreting your wealth of data? (It is a massive competitive advantage, after all).

HBR suggests a push/pull strategy, which you can read all about in the full article here.

Is your firm utilizing big data now, or is it still too cumbersome to figure out? Have you had any issues convincing upper management to direct analytics resources in HR’s direction? Let us know!

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