How workforce management systems can keep employees on-task

HR managers can never predict how a candidate will react once hired for an open position. Some will flourish while others will flounder. However, it is important to remember to treat all workers as adults, and trust that tasks will be completed.

Micromanaging, either from a supervisor or human resource employee, will not be beneficial to a company in the long-run. It is key to remember that team members will likely work at different paces – some will want music playing while others will thrive on silence. With the addition of HRIS software, all hours can be properly tracked and more time can be spent focused on overall results.

According to a recent study, the temptation of “forbidden” distractions, like the internet, can prove more detrimental to employees than if they were left to their own accord. Research economists worked with 60 volunteers and found that concentration dropped when there was a video that the participants wanted to watch but were told not to.

A contribution piece in technology and business blog Inc. explained that the results proved that focusing on results is key for any company. Managers should let their employees be adults and trust that the work will be completed. If results prove otherwise, then the issue can be dealt with.

“Don’t say, ‘No Internet for you!’ Not because it’s a waste of time, but because grownups should be monitoring themselves,” the article said. “You should be looking at results and not monitoring minute-by-minute productivity. When a problem is happening with the result, you deal with that.”

An HR software solution can be of immense help to human resource departments in monitoring employees’ work. When less time is being devoted to micromanagement, HR teams can focus on the results and help team members when an actual issue arises.

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