How to keep morale high — without breaking the bank

Naturally, one of the more vital functions of any human resources department is keeping employees’ heads up, something that has been long known to ultimately lead to greater productivity. The industry consensus dictates that the best way to achieve this is through greater financial compensation, something that companies often can’t afford.

In an article for Arizona Central, Sidnee Peck attempts to disabuse readers of this understandable notion, saying that “increased pay does not lead to increased happiness or productivity for activities that require mental functions. In fact, increased happiness can be tied to much more affordable and mutually beneficial things.”

She cautions people believing that this means they can underpay their employees, noting that paying them enough to maintain their current way of life is a must. After that though, she provides some tips on things other than money that can provide a much-needed boost to overall workforce positivity.

First and foremost, ensuring that employees are treated with dignity is a necessity. Workers need to feel that they have some freedom to further the company’s efforts as they see fit. Peck also emphasizes the benefits of making sure those actions are acknowledged and rewarded when appropriate.

Shes goes on to highlight the value of setting aside some time each week for employees to “work on any new project they want or even [take] personal time, if needed.” Lastly, Peck stresses the fact that you cannot leave inexperienced employees out in the cold, and that having somebody mentor them in the business’ operations will keep them upbeat.

To be able to focus on implementing policies like these, other more logistical HR tasks need to be taken care of. An HR software system that automates those processes can be invaluable in that respect.

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