How to customize HR software to identify top talent

Hiring managers know it is not easy to find high-quality candidates to fill today’s positions, but human resources professionals should approach the job search on a per position basis because each job description is different from the next.

HR software solutions can help recruiters find prospective hires that fit the job description best because they can scan through applications under specific keywords or phrases. Inc. Magazine explores some of the challenges around finding top talent with Lisa Hufford, the CEO of Simplicity Consulting.

Employers may be looking for hard workers at the forefront, but Hufford told the source that finding an individual who has a resume that highlights their personal brand may be more valuable than those who consider themselves hard workers.

“When we work from [our personal brand], we generate excitement, amazing work, and are ultimately happy,” Hufford explained. “But for many of us, it feels too easy to focus on skills that are effortless.”

Candidates who leverage their personal beliefs throughout their applications and resumes, while using industry-specific phrases are more likely to be picked up by an HR software program than one that relies on a lot of “fluff” to fill space.

Because there is no right way to find the best candidate, test the program to scan through these documents under a few different filters. From there, recruiters will be able to identify which keyword or phrases bring out the best applicants for the open position.

Identifying these keywords may take time, but once it is accomplished, the amount of time time that must be spent to find top talent can be greatly reduced, which allows employers to make the most out the competitive market.

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