How to create productive teams in the workplace

The same way that a puzzle requires various pieces to fit together in order to form a clear image, a business needs different types of employees to find success.

A contribution piece in the business and technology blog Inc. recently highlighted four basic types of employees. When HR managers are able to pair up employees with varied skills sets, they can balance one another out and the company can move forward as a whole.

First, there are the doers. These employees know how to execute projects and they thrive off of lists and getting things done. However, they often push forward with little forethought and planning.

Another two types of workers are the leaders and the lovers. Leaders create and inspire while lovers work hard to manage relationships and build consensus. However, the former can forget to check on others involved and the latter can have trouble with task-oriented jobs.

Lastly, there are the learners, who thrive on research and finding the nuances of every problem. While disciplined and devoted, learners are only as good as the issues they solve during a project – not just in the planning process.

“Everyone has unique strengths that become super-charged once they’re aligned with other people’s strengths,” explained the article. “Rather than critique someone who you believe ‘isn’t working,’ make sure you’re living out your unique contribution in a powerful and sustainable way. Just do what makes you come alive.”

With an HR software solution it can be much easier for human resource departments to see how various departments are able to remain on-task. By seeing which areas need improvements, adjustments can be made that will streamline productivity.

Workforce management software will assist HR teams in maintaining a positive office culture that allows for individual creativity to thrive along with the business as a whole.

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