How the Department of Homeland Security can benefit from HR software

Every day, millions of people visit the United States from a variety of entry points. The northern half of the nation works with Canada, while the south collaborates with Mexico’s custom officials. Often times, it takes about an hour to get through customs, which is a significant amount of time for businesses that are transporting food and other goods to the country.

Because U.S. Customs and Border Protection works from so many areas, it can be hard to expedite communication from specific entry points in a timely manner. Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, should utilize HR software solutions to manage its current workforce, as well as the 2,000 others who are expected to become a border patrol officer in 2015.

The announcement of the plan to increase custom officers occurred earlier this month, when Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske explained that “for every 33 additional [custom border patrol] officers the U.S. can potentially gain over 1,000 jobs.” The hiring spree is expected to impact borders across 18 states including New York, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Vermont, the Burlington Free Press reported.

Vermont in particular has felt the pangs of a smaller workforce. Since 2009, more than 45 border officers have been laid off. These delays have discouraged travelers and hurt Vermont’s economy. Businesses near the U.S-Canadian border rely on these visitors every year.

“While we don’t have all of the details, we’re pleased that Customs and Border Protection is addressing a very serious problem,” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said in a statement. “If we’re going to move traffic across the border at reasonable speeds and protect the nation, we need adequate staffing.”

HR software solutions can help hiring mangers find qualified candidates for these positions in a timely manner. Sometimes, reading piles of applications can be tiring on the eyes, ultimately slowing down the interview process.

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