How social media and HR software solutions can work together

Human resources departments may receive many resumes from the company’s web application, but some recruiters have expanded the applicant pool with the use of social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter—this method is commonly known as “social HR.”

These popular websites were originally made for personal use, but nowadays, many companies have profiles on many of these outlets. It opens up the opportunity to attract job seekers and in turn, recruiters can input an individual’s data into their HR software solutions to get “insight into work history, endorsements by peers and personal branding,” Memeburn author Phil Lotter writes.

Depending on the industry, more applicants have included their personal social media accounts in cover letters or resumes because they consider it a helpful way to measure their skills for the available position. A report from the Society for Human Resource Management found that 56 percent of companies used social networking websites to hire a person.

Businesses that have social media accounts may have the opportunity to fill vacant jobs sooner because more people  will be able to see openings than if they were only posted on the organization’s website. Social HR allows hiring managers to engage with prospective hires and interviewees, thus speeding up the overall hiring process.

Using social HR within the workplace

Social HR has the potential to provide an avenue for employees to communicate with another at ease.There are not many opportunities available for all workers to share information and feedback with those outside of their office.

Lotter added that this platform increases “employee awareness of business focus and delivery.” When staffers feel that they are actively engaged they are four times less likely to leave their positions, the Corporate Leadership Council explained.

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