How retailers are preparing for the holiday season

Halloween may be a few weeks away, but retailers are concerned about the holiday season that spans between late November into early January. With a stronger American economy, many of these businesses are prepared to hire temporary workers to meet this seasonal demand.

Amazon expects to hire about 85,000 employees before the rush begins—including 15,000 who will work at the company’s facilities in the United Kingdom—according to the Wall Street Journal. This number of temporary workers represents an increase of 40 percent over Amazon’s seasonal hiring in 2012.

“We employ temporary employees as a way of finding high-quality talent while managing variation in customer demand,” a company spokeswoman told the source.

Amazon’s competitors, Walmart and Target are expected to follow suit with 55,000 and 70,000 respectively. Human resources departments are going to be extremely busy looking through applications, interviewing candidates and, inputting their personal information into the payroll system. These tasks can be completed much faster with the support of an HR software solution.

For many of these stores, the holiday season accounts for at least 35 percent of annual sales, so it is essential to be equipped the right amount of workers. Anything short of expectations can hurt sales and a company’s reputation.

In order to preserve a retailer’s brand, HR software solutions can sift through piles of applications and resumes, finding those who fit best into the company’s mission statement and goals. These programs can expedite the hiring process and move newly hired employees to participate in company-wide training sessions.

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