How one bad hire can bring down the entire office

Finding the ideal candidate for an open position involves many different factors. Applicants must not only have the necessary hard skills, but he or she must also be personable and able to fit into an existing culture.

According to a recent piece in business and technology blog Inc., there are several unseen consequences when hiring managers overlook personality traits in a candidate that indicate they would be a jerk. While the jobs market is slowly working its way back to full strength, it’s still important that new hires are able to mesh with an established company culture, as well as contribute their skills. Nice

One bad hire can effectively erode any sense of a positive working environment that has been created. The article explained that something as small as an eye roll, degrading remark or even a backhanded compliment can have far-reaching effects.

Furthermore, when aggressive personalities are tolerated, it can force other employees to walk on eggshells. Direct communication is less likely to occur and team members could even lose respect for their superiors.

“More importantly, when there is no predictability in your environment, stress is heightened and the natural fear response kicks in,” the article said. “At that point, all your unnecessary functions – like creativity, judgment, and critical thinking – are sidelined for an expedient get-away. After you manage to escape your predator, you can get back to innovating.”

When HR managers become bogged down with administrative work, catching onto negative factors in a working environment can be more difficult. However, with the implementation of a comprehensive HR software solution, human resource departments can ensure that the hiring process and integration of new employees runs smoothly. HRIS software eases the stress that can come with balancing payroll so HR workers can ensure a less stressful culture for all team members.

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